Powerfull and reliable web-to-print dropshipping platform.

Dropshipping Web2Print Platform

Are you looking for a fully automated dropshipping solution for delivering print products to your customers? Then, look no further! Our FilePrint platform can deliver high quality products directly to your customers all branded with your own information.


You can place orders for your customers directly from your own account or let your customers manager their print orders. All, under a print portal that is branded with your details!

Create a seamless experience for your clients

We have created a solution that can meet the demands of both B2B and B2C orders. Your customers can place their orders directly and receive updates about the fulfilment progress. Our web-to-print solution can handle both small and large size documents.

Repeat business

Your customers may need a design once. They are likely though to print it multiple times during its lifetime. Offer them an additional service, making the overall service experience more comprehensive.

Optimise your operations, maximise your profits

Our web-to-print solution is designed to be easy and quick to use. It takes no time to place an order and you can do this online 24/7 without any human intervention. Time is money after!

Generate new revenue streams - Grow your business

We offer discounts on top of our already competitive prices. This ensures that your clients can get a fair price too. In turn you can even consider experiment with new business models. For example you may want to offer a set of designs for free if the clients want to order print via you.

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Dropshipping Features & Benefits


Administration tools
Account and user management
Customer 360-view
Approval Workflow
System and server monitoring
Affiliate scheme built-in


Print product browser
Online product templates
Content management solution
Related products suggestions
Request for design
Manage print sample request


Document and image libraries
Multiple file format supported
Multiple impositions and paper types supported


Easy and flexible order setup
Multiple shipping methods and rates
Email notifications
Order progress tracking
Support desk
Comprehensive online support


Real-time reporting
Print and customer analytics
Longitudinal financial performance reporting
Invoicing and bookkeeping
External order accounting


Pricing calculator
Pricing by account
Automated or defined pricing
Promotional codes

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