Order and Financial Management


Every business venture needs to be able to guarantee financial order and security. Financial management is one of the core aspects of our web to print services. This way, you will get convinced that we have all it takes to guarantee quality services. We use real-time reporting, customer analytics, performance reporting, external order accounting, among other things, to achieve this. 

Real-time Reporting

Real-time reporting provides users with the most recent data. We understand that people need current information under tight timing constraints. We have designed our web to print software to provide all the necessary information in an easy to export manner.

With the assistance of real-time reporting, we assist you and your customer to gain control over printing budget through restricted user access and proof of approval. Users can reconcile records with other systems thoroughly commonly used data formats. Having all the necessary information on printing orders in an accessible manner makes it possible to make business decisions.

Print and Customer Analytics

We use analytics to understand end-customer behaviour. We provide you with all the necessary information to make effective business decisions through real-time performance data and customer segmentation. In addition to the customer information and order information you can obtain detailed information on the types of document uploaded to document libraries and provide bespoke customer offerings (e.g. discounts or deals).

Longitudinal Financial Analysis

We provide reports that summarise your income and expenditure related to the print platform. This makes it possible to see how your printing business is developing over time and identify areas that need further attention. Comparing your financial performance on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis takes seasonality into consideration. Our reporting tools ensure that you focus on profitability.

Invoicing and Book Keeping

As an organization, it is crucial to keep sound financial records. In addition to all the information related to received orders we offer a simple to use booking system to keep your expenses in the same place. This makes it possible to have a real-time view of how the whole business is performing. The book keeping system makes it possible to add manual invoices  too and record other types of printing revenues. Not only can you keep all your information in one place but you can also keep your customers financial record together. A s the system has all the information necessary it can also generate invoices with full print order information included.

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