Automation is fast becoming an excellent way to maximise the efficiency of our Web to print operations. We have streamlined pricing so that you can invest your attention to other vital areas within your business. Automated pricing tools are vital in today’s online market. When customers need the service of online print houses, they compare right print quality, quantity to price, and shipping charges. Instead of manually having to setup prices we have a versatile pricing calculator adapted to fit your customer’s needs. Your clients can use the calculator to get quick estimate or upload and setup the order to get the final price. There is no need for manual intervention. Of course, our system support fixed pricing for specific print properties and quantities.

Pricing calculator

We have designed an interactive pricing calculator that your service users can use to see instant prices. It is high time you moved away from manual estimate or using complex spreadsheets. Our web to print calculator to match the general standard for evaluating prices. This price works on selections made from options you provide, such as quantity, finishing, colour, amount. Our pricing calculators has easy to use software features, which only takes a few moments to edit pricing parameters. Our calculator has the ability to automatically generate a unit price based on order quantity, taking into consideration size, imposition, paper type, and colour. The calculator does not include costs covering shipping, packaging, and order transaction costs. To get a full quote price, all it takes is just to set up a free account and upload your documents. This also makes possible to apply customer-account level pricing as well as volume discounts.

Pricing by account

You can group your customers according to your requirements and configure promotional prices for various customer groups. Such flexibility is necessary if you can make sense and manage efficiently different pricing strategies for different customers. Setting pricing profiles make it easier to update and revise pricing in the future without having to go through every single account.

Promotional Codes and Coupons

Promotional codes refer to a combination of letters and numbers that your clients can use to get a discount on services. You can offer these promotional codes to your customers to encourage them to order from you. The reduced price associated with a promo code applies to orders. Configuring your Web to print storefronts to use promotional code discounts is very easy. By making promotional codes you gain their trust and integrity while your clients get print products at a discounted price. Such a promotional code program will be able to offer the following.

  • Flexibility in the customisation of coupon code name
  • You can choose to enable or disable coupons and how many times they can be used.
  • Standards for usage limit control are available, e.g. how many times a coupon can be used or what would be the minimum order value.
  • Coupon can be offered as a % of the print price or as a fixed amount
  • Full reports are available to help you gauge the performance of specific coupon and marketing campaigns.

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