Print Platform

Print administration provides the total of what we can offer as a web to print enterprise. From organising an order to following up to the product delivery, everything is structured in an easy to follow manner. Established workflows provide automation and maintain consistency.

Approval Workflow

The approval workflow is our means of automating our business processes by making them more consistent and effective while maintaining control. Some components present in our workflow process include:

  • Automation of email notifications.
  • Elevating the status of an order from pending to approved.
  • Ability to decline the order or approve it based on tangible proof.

Administration Tools

Our administration tools are meant to smoothen your operations on our platform. You have access to all reports on your recent activity and every major summary. Every tool is versatile and easy to use without technical experience. You can expect the following benefits.

  • Analytics and statistics report like user sessions, shipping reports, and sales reports.
  • Content Management System (CMS) to allow you to view content across pages and pricing tables.
  • Integrated FTP to allow easy access to files.
  • Order management system check through your orders, merge and download print-ready files. You can also receive email notifications on orders.

Account and User Management

Each account holder has a friendly and simplified interface to ensure ease in accessing information and receiving notifications. Our user management interface is similarly simple and gives you all the necessary tools to support your customers:

  • View order history and account details.
  • Change personal account information like passwords
  • Place orders and monitor the status of your orders
  • View order uploads and saved projects
  • View and manage image albums
  • View approvals

360-Customer View

The 360-degree customer view proposes an idea to encapsulate a customer's experience with an organisation. We group all the information about your customer in a single location so that support becomes easier. You can have insights into exactly what the customer experiences  so that you can tailor your approach accordingly. We also use analytics tools to predict what plans you may seek or research. All this is done to get a pinpoint view of customers and improve our service delivery.

System and Server Moniotring

This is one of the bedrocks of our services. We monitor all our systems and server resources. We do this to ensure that our customers have a better user experience. We study resource usage patterns and optimise them accordingly to improve functionality. We provide that our server is capable of hosting applications to enhance system reliability and performance. Our server monitoring tools generate notifications in case of performance issues. We use tools that provide solid insight in case of problems and also solve them promptly. Our goal is aimed at maximising business continuity.

Affiliate Scheme Built-In

Getting involved in our affiliate scheme is simple and fast. You will complete the application and wait for a little for approval. You'll receive a commission when a visitor orders anything on our website. All we aim at is for you to be successful. You will get specific tools that will enable you to build your monthly commission payments. Expect to earn a significant percent on initial and reoccurring sales. You also be able to view real-time sales statistics as often as you want.

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