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User Journey

In order to best understand how our web-to-print system works, it is useful to follow the user journey and its key steps. We outline these below, also listing the key functionality the system offers for each user type.

Document creation

Files can be uploaded individually or in batches using the advanced uploader. Depending on a print account's setup, it may be also possible to upload PDF, Word or a JPG file directly from a Dropbox account. Similarly, it is also possible to search and upload a JPG file from external image library or from any publicly available URL.

Document print setup

Setting up a document and pricing it without imposing major restriction to what can be imposed and without requiring a manual for the user is still a major challenge. This is why we have gone to great length to simplify this process as much as possible. The user is asked 3 simple questions related to the preferred print options, namely will the document be printed in colour or black/white, what is the preferred paper type and which imposition should be used (e.g. simplex, duplex, folded, spiral bound etc). The system will only present the appropriate print options for the document which simplifies the print setup even more.

Shopping cart

Once a document is in the library it is automatically priced. The user then adds the document in the shopping cart and sets the required quantity. Customers may be used to receiving a "proof" before committing to a full run. This is because most litho runs need to print, many hundreds of documents and mistakes can be costly. All our customers enjoy the benefit of being able to print a single copy of their documents without having to go through a lengthy contract agreement and setup process. This saves significant time.

Placing an order

In the following step, the user is asked for a delivery address. Depending on the destination country and the account settings, the relevant printer profiles are listed alongside the print and delivery cost. Printers' ratings based on past orders are also available for users to review. The user then selects their preferred printer and fulfilment option and proceeds to payment. If they have an account with us they simply submit their order. Otherwise, they are asked to pay by credit card or PayPal. Once the order is complete it is dispatched to the customer, typically in 24 hours. Upon receipt of the order, users can leave their feedback.

Delivery and Fulfilment

Our automated system imposes the documents onto SRA3 so that they can be ready for printing. There is no manual intervention involved. Our system will batch documents of the same size and finish and impose them together, streamling order processing. The only human handling needed is the finishing of the order and quality check before packing and dispatching. Staff in the print room have total control and real-time overview of orders via their printer panel.

The Web2Print Journey

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