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Why invest in a web-to-print solution?

Over the past few years, electronic commerce has transformed the print industry. Web-to-print platforms make it possible for print houses to offer customers powerful, but still easy-to-use solutions. By empowering end-users and automated processes, web-to-print solutions can help meet printers' business goals by making them more efficient and effective. Reducing operational costs while maintaining customer satisfaction is important to a long-term strategy in an increasingly digital business environment.

Key Features of W2P

Web to print services can facilitate you and your clients in numerous ways. You can receive and share prints and documents for printing purposes from clients through a single platform. If you are in the printing business, you may know about W2P. These services are common in the printing industry as they allow clients to send files for printing to the printer. Web to print is a broad term that uses new and innovative methods to deliver a lot of benefits and eases the process rather than just sending and receiving files. Some W2P services also provide e-commerce ordering features and contain many variations.

  • Web to print services automates repetitive tasks, maximising efficiency and minimising errors.
  • W2P integrates shopping carts and payment billing and processing options. Everything is in one place.
  • W2P services include courier facility with instant shipping and pricing slips.
  • The reporting system is reliable with detailed analysis for profitability and sales. Offer instant quotations to your clients.
  • Managed software and infrusturcture ensure that you only need to worry about the printing side!

Benefits of W2P for the Print Industry

Delphi Labs offers an end-to-end online printing solution that features print management, ecommerce, and digital marketing solutions. We discuss below 4 key reasons for adopting a web-to-print solution to complement your existing digital print capabilities.

Receive orders from businesses and individual customers 24/7

We have created a solution that can meet the demands of both B2B and B2C customers and their orders. Your customers can upload their PDF documents and setup their print properties as required (e.g. impositions, paper type or colour options). They can place their orders directly and receive updates about their progress. Our web-to-print solution can handle both small and large size documents. Let your customers upload their documents and they will be presented with all the applicable printing options. By adopting new technology, your business becomes a part of the technologically advanced era. With this, you can improve your credibility in the printing industries, as most printers are still using traditional methods and fail to attract clients.

Enhance customer experience

Your customers need a solution that is easy to use but can deliver the necessary functionality. We have designed our solutions with high usability in mind for both desktop and mobile users, without compromising on design and functionality. You can choose to customise the look and feel of the front-end to suit your own brand. Ordering PDF or other print products is quick, easy and effortless. Enhancing user experience can help increase sales and customer loyalty, decrease costs related to interacting and supporting users, and delivering high-quality products by minimising errors.

With proper reporting and analytics, you can observe your clients’ activities and performance. Moreover, you will know the demands that your clients have. This way, you can fulfill their requirements while strengthening your relationship. At the same time, you can target new clients based on previous reports. This way, you provide the best services in the printing industry, gradually improving your credibility and expanding your business in the process.

Optimise your operations, maximise your profits

Web-to-print can help reduce operational cost and in turn improve profitability by automating redundant processes and by minimising the need for human intervention. For example, why generate quotes manually when our web-to-print software can generate them instantly based on the user's document properties and their pricing agreement? Fewer repetitive tasks can free valuable resources to be invested in other aspects of the business. Focus your resources and attention where it matters, namely building strong long-term relationships with your customers. If you shift to the web to print solutions, you can save valuable time and resources on deploying and maintaing IT infrastructure. Eventually, your profits will maximise, and you can target more clients while saving time.

Grow your business

The key question is now whether to adopt Internet-based solutions, but how to implement them so that you can grow your print business. Offer your customers the ability to order print just like they order any other product online. An optimised customer journey can help generate satisfaction and repeat business.You can easily expand your business when you shift to the web to print services as your clients need new and innovative solutions for printing purposes. However, they cannot rely on traditional methods for printing as it can cost them a fortune and waste their effective time. Furthermore, W2P services can save you a lot of time as the process is easy and quick. Having more time can help you explore opportunities to expand your business.

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