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Easy and flexible order setup

Once your customers upload their documents and images they can setup up with the print attributes supported. The system intelligently offers only the applicable imposition and paper type options. This is an example as to how we can help you reduce your workload so that your effort and time can be invested in fulfillment. Once documents are setup, they can be reordered multiple times as per necessary.

Multiple shipping method and rates

We know that shipping is the end of the delivery chain. For this reason, the system offers a simple to use tool to capture the available shipping options. You can support different providers depending on destination and weight. The online shipping tool will not only present end users with the applicable options and let them know how much it will cost to deliver, but it will also offer an estimated delivery time based on the printing properties and delivery method selected.

Order progress tracking

We know that continuous tracking and feedback is the backbone of perfect Web-to-print service delivery. Your customers can track the status of their order anytime throughout the production process. Orders can be tracked easily via the online reporting area. Users can locate orders using the print order number generated at the time of ordering. This serves as an easy and consistent handle for identifying orders (e.g. when it comes to enquiring for an order at a later stage).

Customer Communications

You can send email notifications to inform your users about updates about new products and features or other important operational aspects such as shipment, and order approvals. Such emails are generated automatically by the system. We can customize the content and template to match your corporate branding.

Support Desk

The customer service desk is our mechanism for managing any incoming requests. This is the main point of contact with new and existing clients. The support desk features 360 views of your clients. For instance you can access all past orders or help them setup their documents if necessary. Being able to see what your customers experience exactly is a powerful way when it comes to providing effective support.

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