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Create a new ongoing revenue quickly and easily

If your software can produce PDFs, then, this can be a source of significant revenue and a value add to the customer.

Let's look at a couple of examples:

  • You have a great software product that produces business cards. It works really well; but your customers usually print to a desktop printer and you struggle converting customers from the free download to the paid version. By integrating your software with our solution, not only do you give your customer access to great, good value, short run print, but you also generate a new revenue model. In fact, you might find that it is now better to give your software away for free and make all your revenue from print!
  • You have an online service. You are aware that the monthly statement and invoice run is a real pain for your customers. Extra revenue would be nice, but your real focus is on improving your customer experience. By deploying our web services all the mailing can be fully automated and in glorious colour: no more printing, folding and attaching stamps to envelopes!

Key Benefits:

  • Flexible API that offers access to all the printing functionlity your application requires.
  • Simple Implementation
  • Generate a commission on all print sales
  • Value add to customers, with access to superb printing and/or seamless processes

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