Document Setup

Our document setup procedure has been to fit to give maximum printing efficiency. Our web to print system features document and image libraries to centralise access to user documents. End users can upload them individually or in groups. They can also use our template engine to create new documents online.

Document and Image Libraries

The document library stores any PDF files relevant to your users. One key function of the library is the supply of important information on each document. This information includes the document's name, the date it was uploaded and the date it will expire. The library also displays the number of pages present in each document.

Newly added documents would need to be setup before a price can be estimated. A link with suggested printing properties for commonly printed files makes setup easy. Once setup is complete, individuals can see the price and add the document to their shopping cart.

Using the document library, users can

  • Edit, update, download and upload documents at any time they want.
  • Exercise control and restrictions to prevent access to files within the document library.
  • Keep track of the progress on their project, such as when it was last modified, and receive notifications as work continues.

Similarly, individuals can organise and print their pictures by searching byname. The image library shows the date an image was uploaded and its expiry date. Some other vital information includes the image’s title and dimension are also displayed. Your customers can edit, view or delete images as per necessary. End users can upload images from Dropbox, Unsplash or a publicly available URL. Reusing existing libraries can make uploading very efficient and speed up the ordering process.

Multiple File Formats Supported

When it comes to documents, our web to print platform accepts PDF and Microsoft Word files that are automatically converted. It is typically better that the latter are first converted and then uploaded. For images, the supported format is JPEG. Documents can be uploaded individually or in batches.  It is also possible to merge PDF documents or images. Once the PDF files are in the document library then setting them up and ordering is really simply!

Multiple Impositions and Paper Types Supported

Our web to print design template software can suggest the most likely imposition and paper type to use based on a documents properties. The system supports the following impositions:

  • 6 Page Booklet (Gate Fold), 6 Page Booklet (Z Fold)
  • Booklet (Pre Imposed Fold and Staple), Booklet (Pre Imposed Top Fold and Staple), Booklet (Side Fold and Staple), Booklet (Side Fold), Booklet (Side Spiral bound), Booklet (Top Fold and Staple), Booklet (Top Fold), Booklet (Top Spiral Bound), Booklet Side Fold – Mailer, Booklet Top Fold - Mailer
  • C4 Double Sided Mailer, C4 Single Sided Mailer, C5 Double Sided Mailer, C5 Single Sided Mailer
  • Calendar Double Sided, Calendar Single Sided
  • DL Double Sided Mailer, DL Single Sided Mailer
  • Double Sided, Double Sided Loose Leaf, Double Sided Loose Leaf Horizontal Fold, Double Sided Loose Leaf Vertical Fold, Double sided with Gate/Roll Fold, Double sided with Horizontal Fold, Double sided with Vertical Fold, Double sided with Z Fold
  • Greeting Card - Side Fold, Greeting Card - Top Fold
  • Letterhead - Double Sided, Letterhead - Single Sided
  • Postcard
  • Poster
  • Presentation Folder
  • Single Page, Single Page with Horizontal Fold, Single Page with Vertical Fold, Single Sided (Side Spiral Bound), Single Sided (Top Spiral Bound), Single Sided Loose Leaf, Single Sided Loose Leaf Horizontal Fold, Single Sided Loose Leaf Vertical Fold

We also use different types of printing paper. Matte paper has a lusterless surface. It is perfect for a good quality text document and non-glare images, while silk paper has a smooth, shiny surface and is good for printing images. We list below a few example paper types supported

  • 100gsm, 120gsm Uncoated Paper, 150gsm Silk Paper
  • 200gsm Matt Paper, 200gsm Satin Photo Paper, 200gsm Silk Paper
  • 300gsm Silk Board, 350gsm Silk Board
  • 400gsm Silk Board, 400gsm Silk Gloss 1 Side Laminated, 400gsm Silk Gloss 2 Side Laminated, 400gsm Silk Matt 1 Side Laminated, 400gsm Silk Matt 2 Side Laminated
  • 550gsm PVC Banner
  • Framed Canvas, Rolled Canvas

When it comes to colour we support both full colour and black and white.

For a full list of features of our web2print platform please click here.

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