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Web-to-Print Features & Benefits


Administration tools
Account and user management
Customer 360-view
Approval Workflow
System and server monitoring
Affiliate scheme built-in


Print product browser
Online product templates
Content management solution
Related products suggestions
Request for design
Manage print sample request


Document and image libraries
Multiple file format supported
Multiple impositions and paper types supported


Easy and flexible order setup
Multiple shipping methods and rates
Email notifications
Order progress tracking
Support desk
Comprehensive online support


Real-time reporting
Print and customer analytics
Longitudinal financial performance reporting
Invoicing and bookkeeping
External order accounting


Pricing calculator
Pricing by account
Automated or defined pricing
Promotional codes

Web-to-Print Features by User Type

There are four main types of users supported by the system:

  • Administrator: The administrator who manages the platform has overall responsibility for the all the accounts and print-processes. Administrators may manage content that is globally able on the platform.
  • Printer: The printers receive and fulfil the orders placed by the customers. Our solutin is ideal for SME printers.
  • Affiliate: Affiliates own the customer accounts. They may make content available to their customers.
  • Customer: Each customer account may consist of a number of offices, with offices containing one or more users. This makes it possible to segment accounts into user groups that can be managed separately (e.g. in the case of a corporate account that has users based in different departments or based at different locations). All customer accounts can place orders.

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